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Hampton Cast Iron Wood Inserts

Hampton Cast Iron stoves are produced by Regency and sold under the Hampton label.  Hampton wood inserts are constructed of the same great quality as Regency's steel insert with a beautiful cast front.  This fireplace is sure to impress and brighten up a room.  As a piece of furniture in your home  the Hampton insert will provide you with the heat you expect and the eye-catching appearance you deserve.  The insert  has manual or heat activated blower settings.  Stainless steel secondary burn tubes and a double locking door mechanism are just a few of the unique feature that increase the efficiency of the Hampton insert.  Their new insert has hybrid burn technology which includes a secondary stainless burn tube with a catalytic combustor.

Hampton Wood Inserts: Work


Small Cast Iron Wood Insert

Fire Box Size - 1.3 cu. ft
Heating Capacity - 1,000 sq. ft.
Max BTU's - 55,000
Efficiency - 70% HHV
Burn Time - up to 8 hrs.
Log Size - 16"
Flue Size - 6"



Medium Cast Iron Wood Insert

Fire Box Size - 2.3 cu. ft

Heating Capacity - 2,000 sq. ft.
Max BTU's  - 75,000
Efficiency - 67% HHV
Burn Time - up to 10 hrs.
Log Size - 18"
Flue Size - 6" 

HI400-Cast Black.jpg


Large Cast Iron Wood Insert

Fire Box Size - 2.6 cu. ft
Max BTU's - 78,000
Efficiency - 74%
Burn Time - up to 14 hrs.
Log Size - 22"
Flue Size - 6"

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