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Hampton Cast Iron Wood Stoves

Hampton Cast Iron stoves are produced by Regency and sold under the Hampton label. One of the unique design features of their stoves is that each piece of cast is wrapped with gasket material and then nut and bolted together. Unlike many of there competitors who use furnace cement, that will breakdown over time and allow air gaps; thus leading to inefficiency. The Hampton line of freestanding stoves offers 2 different sizes and colors. Small and medium, metallic cast black and enamel brown. The flue on both of their stoves is reversible which makes for easy venting into an existing chimney. Their are no nuts and washers in their door assembly, just a latch on a pin with a double click locking mechanism to ensure a consistently tight seal. The glass is held in by a retaining wire over a gasket to ensure even pressure all the way around the perimeter preventing air leaks and enabling the airwash system to do its job and provide you with a clean viewing area of your beautiful fire.

Hampton Wood Stoves: Work
H200-Charcoal Grey.jpg


Medium Cast Iron Wood Stove

Fire Box Size 1.34 cu. ft
Heating Capacity 1,500 sq. ft.
Max BTU's 55,000
Optimum Efficiency 83.9%
Burn Time up to 6 hrs.
Log Size 16"
Flue Size 6"​



Large Cast Iron Wood Stove

​​Fire Box Size 1.71 cu. ft
Heating Capacity 2,000 sq. ft.
Max BTU's 45,500
Optimum Efficiency 83.6%
Burn Time up to 8 hrs.
Log Size 18"
Flue Size 6"​

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