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26% Biomass Tax Credit on Qualifying Wood and Pellet Stoves for 2021..we have over 50 Models to choose from contact us to learn more!!!

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We are a hearth and home retail store located at 121 Mt. Pleasant Rd in Newtown, CT.

We pride ourselves on our quality, selection, and service. We carry the highest quality wood stoves, pellet stoves, gas stoves, wood inserts, pellet inserts, gas inserts, gas fireplaces, wood fireplaces, gas logs, gas grills, charcoal grills, pellet grills, pellets, and various accessories made in North American and Europe. There is no substitute for seeing our wonderful selection of stoves, fireplaces, inserts, grills, and accessories with your own eyes, we encourage you to visit our showroom in Newtown, CT.

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What's New...

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2021 Tax Credit

All wood and pellet stoves and inserts that have an efficiency of 75% HHV are approved for a 26% tax credit for the purchase of the stove, venting and labor.  We have over 50 different models to offer that qualify.

Clementi Pizza Ovens

We just brought in 2 new lines of Pizza ovens from Italy so you can now have that authentic wood fired pizza right from your own backyard come by to see these beautiful ovens in person

Rossofuoco Pizza Ovens

This is the second line of Pizza ovens we added to our showroom for this summer season see the endless options for your personal backyard pizzeria.

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Our Newest Team Member

Getting Started

We know there are many different options out there and things can get confusing. We are here to provide you with the highest quality of products on the market.

The links below will help you to get started on narrowing down your options based on your needs.

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Please Fill Out the Items below and we will get back to you with an estimate also specify the best way to contact you if we need further information to formula an accurate quote...Thanks, AL & Brad

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Established in 1999, family owned and operated by Al and Brad Lutrus since 2004. Berkshire Hearth & Home relocated September 1, 2012 from Danbury to Newtown providing our customers with easier access off Exit 9 on I-84. Our current location also allows us to provide our customers with a greater selection of products and burning displays.

Berkshire Hearth & Home specializes in the sale, installation, and service of top of the line wood, pellet, and gas stoves and inserts, as well as fireplace, fireplace fronts, and a variety of grills. Our selection is outstanding and all of our products are made by the best manufacturers in North America and Europe – Innovative Hearth Products, Mendota, Valor, Regency, Hampton, Kozy Heat, Stuv, Pacific Energy, Blaze King, Morso, Enerzone, Valcourt, Piazzetta, Ravelli, and more. Almost all of our products are made in the United States, Canada or Europe. ​

The hearth is the focal point of the home. We pride ourselves in finding a product to meet our customers’ individual needs, whether it be an energy efficient heat source or an atmosphere enhancing luxury fireplace. Once you purchase a hearth product from us and become a part of the Berkshire Hearth & Home Family. You can expect exceptional service by a knowledgeable hearth expert for the lifetime of your stove.

When we first opened the store work was about learning the business, growing the business and it was just a job but over the years we have learned that we love what we do because we are helping people and making people happy on a daily basis and that is very rewarding. Countless times customers have told us that purchasing one of our stoves was the best investment they ever made.  Whether, we are saving them money or providing them a place to congregate and create memories with their family.  That is what we wish for with all our customers because making you happy makes us happy. 

Al & Brad Lutrus

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Summer Hours
(Memorial Day-Labor Day)

Mon: 10am - 4pm

Tue:  10am - 4pm

Wed: Closed

Thu:  10am - 4pm

Fri:    10am - 4pm

Sat:   10am - 4pm

Sun: Closed except for appointment

Closed for some holidays

To reach us after hours, contact us by email

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Contact Us

121 Mt Pleasant Rd, Newtown, CT 06470, USA

(203) 491-2009

Fax: (203) 491-2012

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Great experience. Berkshire has a great selection of Pellet and Wood stoves in their showroom. Brad and Al are very knowledgeable about their products and are able to answer any questions you may have. Installation didn't take long, and there was no mess left. We're glad to have had Berkshire install our stove, and look forward to them servicing it in the future.

Tim R

Good people. Family owned business. Willing to work with you.

Michael Schmidt

"After my husband and I researched and visited many local businesses that sold inserts, we decided to purchase a wood stove insert from Berkshire Hearth and Home.  Al and his son, Brad, were extremely helpful in answering all of our questions and concerns, as well as going over each type of insert, wood vs. pellet, and what would work for us. 

Brad and his installation helper installed our wood insert last week, were very professional and respectful when in our home, and went over all of the instructions on how to operate our new stove.  My husband and I are very pleased with our purchase and the service provided. If you are searching for knowledgable staff, courteous and professional service, then I would highly recommend Berkshire Hearth and Home!"

Kimberly S.

"I promise you, am a genuine customer and this is an honest review. I don't usually review too much... but I can't recommend Berkshire Hearth & Home enough.  They came and installed a small Morso stove (The Squirrel) into our Connecticut cottage - and did a fantastic job. They were great to communicate with, great on price and fulfilled all our expectations with the installation. The stove has been wonderful, but after about 6 months we developed a problem with the outside storm cover on the chimney. I contacted the guys at Berkshire and they came straight out and rectified the problem. This is exactly the kind of service you hope for... a great company, that does high quality work - that they don't hesitate to stand by."


"Wonderful walk-in customer service. The owner immediately came out and provided a complete tour of all the many displays, and he will honestly tell you if one isn't to his liking or inappropriate for your use. 

They provide brochures for all their products (at their cost) and have a wide selection of state of the art inserts. We had the exact opposite experience from one down the road so this place is a no-brainer."

Sue H.

"Father & Son local business with the knowledge and experience to assist you with any and every question. Brad answered everyone of my questions professionally and quickly via e-mail. He even took care of a custom order that I needed for my wood burning stove. I highly recommend them."

Paul T.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my stove not drafting?

Improper installation can be the first cause for a woodstove to not draft properly. If the stove is installed properly there are 3 other main reason why the stove may not be drafting. 1) The flue is blocked with cresosote and has restricted the draft. 2) The wood is not seasoned properly. Wood should be split, stacked and only covered on the top for 12-18 months to be properly seasoned and you should be burning good hardwood. If the wood is not seasoned properly the stove is spending too much energy trying to burn off the moisture and is not getting hot enough to draft properly. 3) You are trying to start the stove and the flue is ICE cold. The flue needs to get warm in order to create a draft. It will help to roll a newspaper like a torch, lite it and hold it where the exhaust drafts out. Let the newpaper burn down as far as you can and then lite the fire.

How much money will a stove or insert save me?

There is no perfect answer for this question. There are many varibles that will cause the answer to this question to be different from person to person. Such as; how well insulated the house is, how many windows are in the house, how often the new stove is used, how large the home is, etc. With that said we would expect that you could cut your heating costs by 30-50% by adding a wood or pellet stove/insert to your home. So people may even save more than this. Gas fireplace, inserts and stoves are very efficient and act as great zone heaters. Will a wood or pellet appliance might be used a a supplemental heat gas is great to put in an area of the house that you spend a lot of time and it can heat that area real efficiently while the heat is off or low in the rest of the house. The additional benefit to this question is that you will not only save money but you will be comfortably warm at the same time. While you might be struggling to stay warm now and still spending a fortune on oil or electric.

Does a gas fireplace need electricity?

Yes and No. In a power outage your gas fireplace will still operate. Most units ignite through a millivolt system and if they are electronic ignition they have a battery backup that will lite the stove in a power failure. But, if your fireplace has blowers and a fancy light system you will need power to operate these features so you will need to hard wire a new contruction model or run an insert to an outlet. VALOR Radiant gas fireplaces are the one exception. They do not come stocked with factory blowers and do not need to have electrical ran to any other there units. In fact a blower on there unit will only add 1% efficiency.

I just got a new fireplace, stove or insert and it smells, is this normal?

Yes this is normal the paint needs to cure to all new appliances. Wood and Pellet appliances should burn off after the the first or second burn. Gas fireplaces take a little longer sometimes. They many need to be ran on high for 8 hrs straight to completely burn off the smell and cure the stove. Yes, we have even seen them set off smoke detectors. It is not the gases from the unit it is the paint burning off all the metal on the stove.

I bought a stove at Home Depot/Lowes will you install and service it?

We pride ourselves on our customer service and we will service and install everything we sell except electrical and gas lines. Therefore, we like to give our full service to our customer who bought our quality, reliable products. But we do not install products we do not sell. One, we can't get parts for units that we do not sell and therefore would not be able to service you. Also, when the product doesn't come from us we do not know its condition and can't take responsibility for something that we do not have control over. Lastly, we do not warrantee any products that do not come from us.

What is the difference between Gas Logs and Gas Inserts?

Gas logs consist of a grate, a burner and a set of logs.  They are mostly for ascetics but they will provide some heat.  Gas logs are just inserted into the fireplace and they do not have any glass or screen in front on them and they do not have blowers.  Gas inserts are sealed units that have a glass front with a safety screen and their own vent system with 2 co-linear vent pipes one that takes fresh air from outside the house and the other sends all the exhaust out.  A gas insert is a zone heater that can provide looks and heat and they usually have built in blowers.

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Hampton HI300 Brown Enamel Wood Insert

Installed by Berkshire Hearth and Home in Brookfield,CT


Morso 5660 Wood Insert with 4 sided surround

Installed by Berkshire Hearth and Home in Bridgewater, CT

2011-11-09 10.31.22_edited.jpg

Hampton HI300 Metallic Black Wood Insert

Installed by Berkshire Hearth and Home in New Fairfield, CT


R.I.P. Kilo

My dog Kilo just shy of 4 yrs old passed away on Sunday Oct. 13th 2019 due to heart disease thought to be caused by a grain free diet.  If you are a dog owner do your research look at the FDA reports and think about switching foods if your dog is on a grain free diets although most manufacturers have changed the formula by now its still a good idea to educate yourself on this issue.

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