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High Efficiency Wood Burning Fireplaces

At Berkshire Hearth and Home we carry two different kinds of wood fireplaces the new high efficiency EPA certified wood fireplaces and your basic prefab wood fire box.  Our high efficiency fireplaces are constructed by Astria(Formally Lennox), Valcourt, RSF, Pacific Energy, Regency and Morso.  While the basic prefab fireboxes are solely from Astria.  The new high efficiency fireplaces are the best of both worlds.  They give you the ambiance of a tradition fireplace while providing an efficient heat producing source for your home.  The venting for these fireplaces requires class A chimney pipe which allows closer clearances and takes up less chase space.  Adding a fireplace to an existing room or a new construction project is one way to create that warm cozy feeling in the room and creates an atmosphere in the cold winter months of the Northeast that is more than welcoming.  The high efficient fireplaces are built like a woodstove on the inside but can be surrounded with decor that transforms it to look like a real fireplace with doors.  Originally called the BIS by Security Chimney which translates to Built In Stove.

High Efficiency Wood Fireplaces: Products
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