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Astria Estate 50 Prefab Wood Fireplace with Warm Red Herringbone Brick

Prefab and Mid Efficiency

Wood Fireplaces

In addition to high efficiency wood fireplaces we carry a selection of mid efficiency and decorative fireplaces that are absolutely beautiful.  We understand that not everyone is looking for a heat source some people are just looking for the ambiance of a wood fire.  That is what we can offer with a unique selection of designs from Astria(formally Lennox) and Valcourt that consist of; guillotine doors, large built in Soapstone structures and real masonry brick interior liners that create a true masonry looking fireplace for 1/3 of the cost.  We also have a selection of basic builder boxes for someone looking for something inexpensive to fill the void of a fireplace.

Prefab Wood Fireplaces: Products
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