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Our Coal Stoves & Inserts

Our selection of coal stoves comes solely from Hitzer, Inc.  The new coal stoves of today are not like the old coal stoves you remember from the past.  The new efficient stoves are cleaner burning and more self sufficient  but still provide the uncomparable heat you are used to from the traditional coal stoves.
Hitzer, Inc. is another American company out of Berne, IN that has been manufactoring stoves since 1975.  Hitzer translates to Heat and that just what these stoves do.  Their stoves are handcrafted by the Swiss Amish.  The stoves that Hitzer producers are of the highest quality in the world they are the leading manufactore of anthracite coal heaters.    Hitzer offers a variety of freestanding and insert stoves.  There freestanding stoves consist of traditional coal heaters, their E-Z FLO or gravity fed heaters and their newest addition the stoker.  Their inserts come in traditional models and E-Z FLO.  Coal is one of the most abundant resources in the United States.  If we continue to use coal at the same rate we do today we have enough suppply to last us for 300 years.  Coal production has increased by 70% since 1970.  Abundance means a big supply which means less demand in return giving you a lower price and more control over the price.  Hitzer offers various sizes, colors and trims for their stoves to meet your needs and decor.  Each Hitzer stove is made of 1/4 and 3/16 plate steel, cast iron door and shakers, Robax glass, lined with firebrick and has an automatic draft control.  Blowers are also a popular option.  Although Hitzer stoves are only rated to burn coal most of then can burn wood as well.  The raw heat that is produced from a coal stove is unmatched by any other heat source based on the amount of fuel used.  Hitzer offers a superior quality product at favorable price.....what more could you ask for?

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