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Anthracite Coal

Anthracite coal is one of natures cleanest burning solid fuels and carbon sources. Anthracite coal was originally discovered in 1769 in East Pennsylvania, so it is not only abundant but also really close to us here in the Northeast.  Anthracite has an even heat flow and high level of btu’s compared to other fuels which makes anthracite the warmest, most steady heat source available.  When anthracite coal is burned in the new heating appliances of today they require little attention, most coal stoves can be left unattended for up to 36 hours.  Blaschak Coal Corporation out of Mahandy City, PA has been producing coal since 1937.   They package anthracite coal in 40 lb. bags with handles like bags of salt for easy storage and movement.  Another advantage of anthracite coal is that it gives off very little ash and very limited creosote build up in your chimneys.    Anthracite is environmentally friendly with it’s low sulfur and high carbon content making it an extremely clean burning fuel.  It produces virtually no smoke or emissions.  So the image you might have of coal from the past is not the same as the coal you can heat your home with today.

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Anthracite Coal

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