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Gas Grills

Our gas grills comes from Tec Grills, Blaze Grills, Holland Grills and Phoenix Grills.  Tec Grills are true infrared heating grills not like he ones advertised at the box stores; they can make a piece of steak melt in your mouth.  Blaze Grills are a high end traditional gas grill that have a higher price tag but aren’t outrageous so you can enjoy the high quality at a reasonable price.  Holland and Phoenix are both indirect cooking and were the same company at one time before the owners split ways and each went on their own.  Both manufactures offer sear mates to get that sear but the indirect cooking allows for great versatility and a simple way to get a moist product from those high protein and low fat meats like chicken and pork tenderloin.  Click view more to find out more about our products.

Gas Grills: Products
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