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Gas Stoves, Inserts, Fireplaces & Log Sets

Gas units come in a variety of different styles. Gas units can either be vented or unvented. Unvented means that the unit does not need a vent pipe and the emissions are not burned off through the units catalytics are given off into the rooms air.  Also the gas units designed as a freestanding stove form, an insert form (a full unit with blowers and venting), a fireplace which would be for additions or new construction and gas log set that would just sit inside a fireplace or vent free box. Gas also comes in two forms depending on where you live and how it is provided to you; these two forms are natural gas and propane. Propane(LP) is a bottle gas for people that do not have access natural gas. Gas units have great efficiency usually ranging from 70% to 99% efficiencies.  Also there is plenty of natural gas right here in America that we drill for and produce on a daily basis.  Gas is also a very clean burning fuel  which makes it a green product and environmentally friendly. 

Gas units are suberb zone heating units. Gas fireplaces will not only heat the room, but it will bring that warm, cozy feeling in the cold winter months or take that chill out a room on a damp fall or spring day.  Gas units, unlike pellet stoves, work very efficiently on thermostats because the heat out of the gas unit is felt in with seconds of it being lit. All units are remote capable, making them even more convenient to use. There is no loading of the units and no mess inside your house.  This makes every room a possible room for a gas unit, anywhere from your main dwelling area to your bathroom.

By adding a fireplace to your home you will increase the value of your house by an average of $12,000. So along with saving money by zone heating and providing your warmth gas fireplaces could also add value to your home.

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