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Green Mountain Pellet Grills

Green Mountain Grills are the leader among the pellet grill industry.  Their dual fans system allows the grill to maintain cooking temperatures in the most extreme weather, prevents hopper back burning and blows out most of the ash from the firebox for less frequent cleaning, the venturi style firebox creates a burnpot cyclone for maximum heat distribution and complete combustion resulting in no wasted fuel and the extra high peaked lid is perfect for cooking turkeys or standup chickens.  They offer 4 different size grills which include a tailgating grill and a big pig trailer along with 2 basic backyard grills.  Their grills have internal stainless steel components, sturdy constructions, durability and are easy to move around.  Various options include black powder coat lid, stainless steel lid, wifi and non wifi controls.  Green Mountain also offers their own line of seasoning, accessories and pellet fuels.  Their best accessory might be their pizza oven that can get up to 900 degrees and cook a pizza in 2 mins.  Lastly, their customer service is the best around.

Green Mountain Grills: Work

Daniel Boone

Medium Pellet Grill

Total Cooking Surface - 458 sq. in.
Temperature Range - 150-550 F
Hopper Size - 17 Lbs.
Wifi or Non-Wifi


Jim Bowie

Large Pellet Grill

Total Cooking Surface - 658 sq. in.
Temperature Range - 150 - 550 F
Hopper Size - 17 Lbs.
Wifi or Non-Wifi


Davy Crockett

Small Tailgate Pellet Grill

Total Cooking Surface - 219 sq. in.
Temperature Range - 150 - 550 F
Hopper Size - 9 Lbs.
Wifi Only

Big Pig Trailer Rig.jpg

Big Pig trailer Rig

Tow Behind Pellet Trailer

Total Cooking Surface - 20.75 sq. ft.
Temperature Range - 150 - 500 F
Hopper Size - 84 Lbs.
Wifi Capable

Pizza Oven.jpg

Pizza Oven Attachment

For Daniel Boone or Jim Bowie

Bake Bread - 400- 600 F
Cook Pizza in 2-4 Mins - 800 F +
Sear Steaks - 900 F



Hardwood Cooking Pellets

Fruitwood Pellets
Texas Blend Pellets
Gold Blend Pellets
Apple Pellets
Gourmet Blend

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