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Grill Dome

Grill Dome has been family owned since 1989 they were the sec on Kamado style grill in the country.  They are American Engineered and Built in India.  They were the first Kamado style grill to offer lifetime warranties on their ceramics, the first to use 304 Stainless Steel and to offer different colors.  They now use a Terapex Ceramic that can withstand much higher dome temperature than the NGII ceramics up to 1200 F degrees in the firebox.  Their ceramic on the firebox is 1" thick and a 1/2" thick ceramic glaze which is almost double their competitors.  The thicker very porous ceramic prevents heat loss and keeps the heat in the firebox which absorbs the heat into the ceramic and puts moisture back into the firebox creating mouthwatering meals.  By keeping the heat inside the grill and not allowing it to escape through the ceramic it also always the charcoal to burn longer and you can save a lot of charcoal for your next use.  This also means that the outside of the grill will not get as hot as some of the other grills so you will not instantly burn yourself on the outside.  They have a feather light spring assisted hinge system and weight assisted torsion bar.  so the lid is easy to open and close.  The Grills come preassembled so the lid and the base match and you have a nice smooth seal.  They also sand their edges which is why they offer a 5 yr guarantee on the gaskets.   Their enamel is baked on the out side of the ceramic is smooth and will not get the crazing effect that you might see in their competitors.  Their Dome Grills also allow for tremendous versatility when cooking they can bbq and smoke a pork butt or brisket at 200 F or sear steaks at 700 F as well as anything in between.  The best part about the Dome grills is that you are cooking with real wood charcoal and that favor is absorbed into your food as you cook so it has that unique flavor that makes your meals extra special.  The design is extremely easy to operate and you can be up and cooking with in 15 minutes of starting the fire with their Charcoal Lighter.  They offer 3 different sizes in their Genesis line  2 options in the Renegade line in various colors as well as any accessory you might need including full table and cradles.

Grill Dome: Work


Charcoal Grill

Diameter - 13"
Surface Area - 135 sq. in.
2 Colors



Charcoal Grill

Diameter- 18"
Surface  Area - 260 sq. in.
5 Colors



Charcoal Grill

Diameter - 22"

Surface Area - 380 sq. in.

5 Colors

Renegade Grill Dome.jpg

Renegade ET

Charcoal Grill

Diameter - 18"

Cooking Surface - 760 sq. in.

3 Cooking levels

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