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Hearth Pads

Most freestanding pellet stoves will require a non combustible hearth pad unless there is already one built in to the stove.  Inserts may require a hearth extender if there is not proper clearance on the hearth once the insert is installed.  We carry hearth pads and extenders from AJ Manufacturing a local company right here in CT as well as hearth pads from American panel and extenders from Imperial.  AJ has standard tile boards but can also make any custom board as well mixing there tiles and trims.  Their newest boards are their Ember King boards that are steel pads offered in 4 different colors.  Glass and granite  hearth pads are also available.

Hearth Pads: Services

AJ Manufacturing Hearth Originals

Ember King by AJ Manufacturing

Glass Hearth Pads by Morso

American Panel Hearth Pads

Hearth Pad AJ Black Trim.jpg
Ember King.jpeg
Glass Hearth Pad by Morso.jpeg
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