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High Valley Wood Inserts

High Valley stoves originated in North Carolina during the 1970's in response to the Energy Crises.  They have been popular in the southeastern part of the US and Appalachian Region for years.  In 2011, the Stoll family acquired High Valley Stoves.  Stoll has been a leading manufacture of fireplace doors and accessories across the US for years.  By acquiring High Valley, Stoll has been able to broaden the distribution of their stoves and also introduced their fabrication capabilities to the surrounds and bodies of their stoves to offer decorative designs and custom fronts.  Most recently in 2016 Stoll sold off the High Valley line to one of their Canadian cousins who owned Suppertime Stoves.  They offer 2 insert which are both catalytic and are made of heavy welded steel so there are no seams that will leak ensuring an air tight firebox.  They also come standard with a 5 year no-nonsense warranty.  The large model the 2500 has a bay window design so that the fire can be seen from various angles in the room and is stock with a 3 speed 200 CFM blower system.  A High Valley stove can give you that unique look with lots of detail that many other manufactures do not offer.  They have 3 different finishes; black, burnished bronze and burnished copper.

High Valley Wood Inserts: Work
HV - 1500Insert.jpg

HV 1500

Medium Catalytic Wood Insert

Fire Box Size - 2.5 cu. ft.
Heating Capacity - 1,000-2,000 sq. ft.
Max BTU's - 45,000
Efficiency - 83%
Burn Time - up to 12 hrs.
Log Size - 21"
Flue Size - 6" or 8"
75 CFM Blower Comes Standard

HV - 2500 Insert-OldWorldSurround.jpg

HV 2500

Large Catalytic Wood Insert

Fire Box Size - 3.5 cu. ft.
Heating Capacity - 1,200 - 2,500 sq. ft
Max BTU's - 55,000
Efficiency - 75%
Burn Time - up to 15 hrs.
Log Size - 22"
Flue Size - 6" or 8"
200 CFM Blower Comes Standard

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