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Hwam 3055 Zero Clearance Fireplace


High Efficiency Wood Fireplace

Hwam is a 100% family owned, managed and operated company out of Denmark that is creating innovative, sleek and subtle looking woodstove unlike what we have seen from the American style stoves.  HWAM was founded over 40 years ago and has continued the Danish tradition of partnership between internationally accomplished designers and manufacturing.  HWAM stoves and fireplaces are known as "heating furniture".  They are designed by architects to fit beautifully as well as functionally in your home.  Most of there units are elevated so they can be seen throughout the room.  They have small footprints and close clearances so they don't consume the whole room.  They also have unique round glass so the fire can be seen from multiple viewing angles.  One of their most unique features are their doors which open lamborghini style on some units.  All the Hwam stoves have a patented automatic air control system call the Hwam Autopilot™ which controls 3 sources of the combustion air supply to maximize heat output and efficiency while minimizing harmful emissions.  In simplest form this means cleaner combustion, more efficient combustion, less soot in chimney and appliance and ease or operation.   The Hwam product line is a luxury, highly efficiency stove that carries extreme quality and caters to the aesthetics of ones home. This has been accomplished through 40 years of being the innovator in the wood stove industry.

Hwam High Efficiency Wood Fireplace: Work


How it Works

The patented HWAM AutopilotTM controls three sources of the combustion air supply to maximize heat
output and efficiency while minimizing harmful emissions.

Hwam 3055 Zero Clearance Fireplace

3305 Fireplace

Zero Clearance Wood Fireplace

Fire Box Size - 2.01 cu. ft
Heating Capacity - 1,900 sq. ft.

Max BTU's - 34,000

Efficiency - 81%
Burn Time - 3-5 hrs.
Log Size - 22"
FlueSize(Top or Rear) - 6"

Door ( Side Swing or Up Swing)


Hwam Autopilot


Cleaner combustion – 20% less Carbon Monoxide
= Less impact on the environment and your health
More efficient combustion – up to 30% more efficient
= More heat for your money
= Less wood burned
= Less heat up the chimney – 40% less!
Less soot in the chimney and appliance
= Better fire safety
= Less cleaning and maintenance
Easy operation
= No need to adjust the controls during operation, just, “Set it and forget it.”

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