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Stuv Wood Insert

Stuv is a Belgium company that was created in 1983.  In 2013 Stuv was brought to America and they recently opened a manufacturing facility in Quebec.  Their products are modern, sleek, efficient, clean, simple and unique.  They have 3 different size boxes that can be either a freestanding stove, Zero clearance fireplace or and insert.  The boxes are the same the outsides just change to make the units adaptable for any location.  They currently have just one style insert in 3 different sizes but are working on a bew model insert in 2 different sizes. These stoves are super simple to operate as well there are no dampers the stoves automatically regulate themselves all you have to do is start the fire and load the wood they are really impressive and built to the highest quality.

Stuv Wood Inserts: Work

16-58 IN

Small Wood Insert

Fire Box Size - 1.6 cu. ft
Heating Capacity - 1,400 sq. ft.

Max BTU's - 48,000

EPA Efficiency - 70%
Log Size - 17"
FlueSize - 6"

Huge Glass

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16-68 IN

Medium Wood Insert

Fire Box Size - 2 cu. ft
Heating Capacity - 1,650 sq. ft.

Max BTU's - 56,000

EPA Efficiency - 67%
Log Size - 21"
FlueSize - 6"

Huge Glass


16-78 IN

Large Wood Insert

Fire Box Size - 2.2 cu. ft
Heating Capacity - 2,100 sq. ft.

Max BTU's - 72,000

EPA Efficiency - 67%
Log Size - 25"
FlueSize - 6"

Huge Glass

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