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Ironstrike Wood Inserts

Ironstrike is the rebranded name for the Country Collection by Lennox. In 2012 Lennox Hearth Products merged with FMI to form Innovative Hearth Products which branded Ironstrike as the name for their stoves and inserts. Country Stoves was the original manufacture who was acquired by Lennox in 2007. The company was family owned and operated outside Seattle, WA since 1977. Which means the stoves were tested in the state with the most stringent E.P.A standards.  The Country line has 6 different inserts in 6 different sizes.  The Country Collection of stoves has a great airwash system when used properly that insures that you can see your bueatiful fire in operation, the single handle door assembly without nuts and bolts and thick gasket makes for a solid air tight seal.  Their thick ceramic glass and welded door hinge make one of the strongest door assembles in the industry an important feature for the only moving part on the stove once it is in place. They use a ceramic fiber blanket that was originally developed by NASA, it has 10 times the insulation factor or standard firebrick; which helps keep the heat in the firebox generating more efficiency and a cleaner burn.  Their stainless steel secondary combustion system burns off gases before they exit the firebox also adding to higher efficiencies, more heat and a cleaner burn.  Their single lever damper ensure easy control for operating the stove.  In 2012 they added a new insert the "Montlake" to their line it has a new patented Thermal Fin Technology TFT™.  Which is basically a massive cast iron heat exchange that has 32% surface area than a standard design.  This helps boost great heat into the room.  This insert also has a larger viewing area to see that beautiful burning fire.

Ironstrike Wood Inserts: Work

Striker - C160

Small Wood Insert

Fire Box Size - 1.6 cu. ft.
Heating Capacity - 600-1,300 sq.ft.
Max Btu's - 68,000
Efficiency - 78.6%
Burn Time - 6-8 hrs.
Log Size - 18"
Flue Size - 6"


Performer - C210

Medium Wood Insert

Fire Box Size - 2.1 cu. ft.
Heating Capacity - 1,000-1,800 sq. ft.
Max BTU's - 76,000
Efficiency - 85%
Burn Time - 7-9 hrs.
Log Size - 20"
Flue Size - 6"


Anatomy of a Country Collection Insert

How It's Built

This is the design for the Striker, Performer, Legacy and Canyon Inserts.

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Ironstrike Montlake 230 Wood Inserts with Brushed Nickel Door

Montlake - 230

Large Wood Insert

Fire Box Size - 2.3 cu. ft.
Heating Capacity - 1,200 - 2,200 sq. ft.
Max BTU's - 76,000
Heat Transfer Efficiency - 84%
Combustion Efficiency - 94%
Burn Time - 7-12 hrs.
Log Size - 18"
Flue Size - 6"

Montlake 300.jpg

Montlake - 300

X-Large Wood Insert

Fire Box Size - 3.0 cu. ft.
Heating Capacity - 2,000 - 3,000 sq. ft.
Max BTU's - 100,000
Heat Transfer Efficiency - 82%
Burn Time - 7-12 hrs.
Log Size - 21"
Flue Size - 6"


Anatomy of a Montlake Collection Insert

How It's Built

This is the design on the 2 Montlake Inserts their TFT technology with 32% extra surface area on their heat exchangers.

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