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Mendota Gas Inserts

Mendota is a branch of Johnson Gas Corp. out of Cedar Rapids, Iowa founded in 1901.  Their gas fireplace are Luxury fireplaces, they are of the highest quality and are manufactured to look like the most realistic gas fireplace that has all the bells and whistles.  We personally believe that Mendota has the most realistic fire in the industry and with an 86.4% efficeincy rating these fireplace are truely top of the line.  Their whole line of units are "certified" as heater rated.  All of there units included built in blowers, brick refractories and are remote capable.  They have won "Best of Show" at the national hearth products association expo multiple times and were also awarded by consumers digest magazine as the "best buy" of all gas fireplaces in Oct. 1997 issue.  In 2016 & 2017 they were awarded the Women's Choice award with 9 out of 10 women picking Mendota over any other brand.   They offer  a ton of different fronts to dress up your fireplace so it can compliment any decor.  Mendota has a great website that features all there different styles and designs and they even have a design your own fireplace program.

Mendota Gas Inserts: Work
FV44i Traditions Room.jpg


Large Gas Insert

Max Btu's - 40,000
Min Btu's - 15,300
Efficiency - 82%

FV33i Basix Room.jpg


Medium Gas Insert

Max BTU's - 31,000 
Min Btu's - 10,000
Efficiency - 76%


D - 40

Large Gas Insert

Max Btu's - 40,000
Min Btu's - 26,400
Efficiency - 75.9%

D30 T Prairie Room.jpg

D - 30

Medium Gas Insert

Max BTU's - 30,000 
Min Btu's - 19,900
Efficiency - 73.1%

FV44i Decor Willowbrook Arch Room.jpg

FV44i - Decor

Large Gas Insert

Max Btu's - 29,000
Min Btu's - 20,000
Efficiency - 77.9%

FV33i Decor Wide Grace Room.jpg

FV33i - Decor

Medium Gas Insert

Max BTU's - 25,000 
Min Btu's - 13,500
Efficiency - 77.1%

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