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Valor Radiant Gas Inserts

Valor gas fireplace are originally form Britain and were the original leader in gas fireplaces in the late seventies.   Miles industry a family owned and operated company out of Vancouver, Canada began importing the gas products to North America at this time in 1984 they gained exclusive rights from Valor to distribute the product in North America.  In 1986 Valor made the first ever direct vent room sealed fireplace and the first power vented unit making installation almost anywhere in the home possible.  As sales rapidly grew Miles Industry was granted the right to design and manufacture Valor Gas Fireplaces in North American.  The Valor fireplace is the original radiant gas heater.  Their unit do not come stocked with factory blower and are only listed as an optional accessory.  This is the case because their fireplaces are designed to radiant heat in such a way that a blower is not necessary.  In fact a blower on one of their units only adds 1% efficiency.  So with their units you don't have to worry about where to hide the power cord or how to get electrical to the unit.  A blower is not necessary with their inserts.  They offer 3 different insert sizes in the Legend Series (G3, G3.5,G4) and various interior options are well as an extensive selection of fronts and  colored surrounds.  They also have a unit called the retrofire which is a small unit perfect for prefab fireplaces and is offered at a very friendly price.

Valor Gas Inserts: Work
G4 Hammered Front.png

G4 - 780JN/JP

Large Gas Insert

Max Btu's - 30,000NG 28,000LP
Min Btu's - 6,500NG 14,500 LP
Efficiency - 69%NG 65%LP


G4 - 785JN/JP

Large Gas Insert

Max Btu's - 33,000NG 30,000LP
Min Btu's - 16,000NG 14,500 LP
Efficiency - 65.5%NG 63.99%LP

G4 Driftwood.png

G4 - 785XN/XP

Large Gas Insert

Max Btu's - 28,000NG 26,000LP
Min Btu's - 14,000NG 15,000 LP
Efficiency - 64.4%NG 63.23%LP

G3.5 Logset.png

G3.5 - 700IN/IP

Medium Gas Insert

Max Btu's - 26,000NG 25,000LP
Min Btu's - 10,000NG 11,000 LP
Efficiency - 67%NG 67%LP

G 3 Logset.png

G3 - 739NG/LPG

Medium Gas Insert

Max Btu's - 24,000NG 24,000LP
Min Btu's - 6,500NG 13,000 LP
Efficiency - 67%NG 63.7%LP


Retrofire - RF24IDN/DP

Small Gas Insert

Max Btu's - 24,000NG 24,000LP
Min Btu's - 6,500NG 6,500 LP
Efficiency - 61.5%NG 61.5%LP

Portrait Windsor Arch Black Front.jpg

Portrait - 530INI/IPI

Small Gas Insert

Max Btu's - 20,500NG 19,000LP
Min Btu's - 6,500NG 12,500 LP
Efficiency - 63.6%NG 66%LP

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