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Gas Insert Manufactures

Our gas insert collection is from Mendota, Kozy Heat, Valor, Ironstrike and Regency.  Mendota offers 4 units 2 different size units in their fullview collection and 2 in their traditional D-Series.  Kozy Heat offers 6 different inserts 4 in their Chaska Series and 2 in the Jordan Series. The inserts come in the traditional look and a contemporary design.  Valor offers 3 different size radiant heaters and a retro-fire that is a great solution for those small prefab fireplaces that we all hate.  Ironstrike offers a bunch of different inserts with their new Madison Park Series and their Bellevue and Ravenna Inserts.  Regency offers 12 different fireplace inserts with their older style units as well as newer fullview designs.   Gas insert are full units that are inserted into the fireplace and require their own venting.  The venting consists of 2 aluminum flex pipes; one which takes out the exhaust and the other which brings in fresh air to the unit.  The last component of the vent system is the special termination cap that is attached on top of the chimney which seperates the exhaust and the fresh air intake.  Gas insert are always sealed units with glass fronts.  The biggest difference between gas inserts and gas logs is that an insert can be used as a heater.  They are great as zone heaters and gas logs are mainly for aestetics and ambiance.

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Gas Insert Collection

Kozy Heat

Gas Insert Collection


Gas Insert Collection


Gas Insert Collection


Gas Insert Collection

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